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PHP, MySQL & NodeJS Development


PHP, NodeJS and MySQL come with free licenses. You do not have to pay any fees for their usage. PHP does not have expensive hardware requirements either.

Ease of Use

PHP and NodeJS is easy to use and offers tremendous functionality. MySQL is also relatively easy to use compared to more industrial strength databases.


Originally created in 1994, PHP is a very stable platform. MySQL first arrived on the scene in 1995 and is equally as stable. PHP, NodeJS and MySQL work quite well together.


PHP code can be easily created with standard editors. PHP helps divide labor between designers and coders. It does not require as much intensive labor.

Dynamic Pages

Unlike static, never changing web pages that you would find on a brochure-like website, PHP and NodeJS generate dynamic web pages for an interactive user experience.


MySQL does not take up significant space or resources compared to other databases on the market. It's small footprint and low cost ($0) makes it a favorite for many companies.

Better tech

Industry leading technology stack

Our tech stack gives you everything your business needs to build robust integrations

A complete technology stack
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Ultimate technology

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With Nizamer you will not only get a beautiful Web Application, but also other features that allow integration and administration easier.

easy to integrate

We build applications that can consume and offer RestAPI making integration with other application seamless.

admin panel

Our applications come with Admin Panel where you can create users and assign them rights for different functions of the application.

Deployment Options

Cloud or On-Premise


Don't want datacenter in your office? WShift to cloud


Do you need exclusive control on information without being dependent on internet? We deploy complete Enterprise Network and business applications in local datacenter of your company.

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